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Wills for Heros
The Hanover Bar Association proudly participates in the Wills for Heroes program, which allows the legal community to show its appreciation for the efforts and sacrifices made by firefighters, police, sheriffs and emergency medical technicians by providing free estate planning documents to First Responders.

-Hanover Sheriff's Department

-Ashland Police Department

-Virginia State Troopers (Ashland/Hanover)

-Hanover Fire/EMS

-Hanover Area Rescue Squads (Rockville, Hanover, East Hanover [Co. 14], Eastern Hanover [Co. 3], Hanover Courthouse, Ashland, Chickahominy, Beaverdam, Black Creek, Ashcake, Henry, West Hanover [Co. 15], Mechanicsville, Montpelier)

Visiting Incarcerated Clients at the Courthouse
The Hanover Circuit Court Judges are changing the manner in which lawyers may visit their client-inmates in the Hanover Circuit Court.  As you know, lawyers previously had to get a deputy to unlock the door to the law library so that you could access a client in the visitation room once they were brought from the holding area.  The  Law Library was accessible to the public.  The former Law Library is now an attorney work room and the Law Library has been relocated to another room on the second floor.  You will be able to access your client in the visitation area without a deputy, as the doors will be unlocked.  You may access the attorney work room to visit an inmate through whichever courtroom is hearing criminal cases on a given day.
The door from the attorney work room to the hallway will be an Emergency Exit Only.  You should exit the attorney work room through the courtroom.  The concern of the Court and the Sheriff’s Office is regarding security and the ability to access the inmates and a camera is being installed in the attorney work room for security purposes.  No person shall be permitted to enter or exit the attorney work room from the hallway.
Order of the Hanover Circuit
Court Setting for Commissioners
in the Chancery
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